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Welcome to!

 Home of the ORIGINAL Sturdy Step Ladder by MITEC, Inc. 

Don't be fooled by lower quality look a likes.


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Sale pricing on the 3, 5 and 6 step SturdyStep ladders.


MITEC, Inc. is the sole North American distributor of the Sturdy Step stepladder.  Made of lightweight aluminum, this safety ladder is easy for anyone to carry, and it folds down to a width of 4" for easy compact storage.  The non-slip ribbed feet ensure that it will not slide, lean, or rock on an even floor, and it is safe for use outdoors as well as indoors. The Sturdy Step is available in sizes from 2 steps up to 8 steps, and is perfect for household, office, or light-duty business use.  It essentially exceeds most household-class ladders available in the U.S. marketplace in quality with a 330 pound (150 kilogram) capacity. 

30 Years in Business


The Sturdy Step ladder was designed in the Netherlands for the European market.  It is not sold in stores;  it is available for purchase exclusively through us, by phone, mail or email order, and through our secure website, We sell in all 50 U.S. States,  and Canada, and to other North American locations upon request.  To order a ladder click on "Sturdy Step Ladders" under the PRODUCTS heading on the left side of the home page.

Please click on the links below and at the left to learn more about the Sturdy Step and our bedside tables, the VersaTable and the Split-Top  Bedside Table Find our why our customers love the long-life Sturdy Step ladder, and why they tell us that they often abandon all their other ladders after buying one of ours!

Go to our Ladders page  for more details on the Sturdy Step Ladder line.


White VersaTable by MITEC    Split-Top Woodgrain Table by MITEC





updated January 4, 2015 MITEC Inc.

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